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Procrastination is a problem that millions of Americans and people all over the world suffer from on a daily basis. Most people will suffer from procrastination for a long time because they don't know how to get the help they need.

This small website offers procrastination help and tips on how to stop procrastinating. We also recommend some of the procrastination programs that are available on the web.

Please use the links at the bottom of the page to browse through this site for information about procrastination.

If you are interested in taking a course on procrastination help or reading a book for in-depth procrastination help please see our page of procrastination help courses. There are some great courses out there for people who want to stop procrastinating permanently.

It is very difficult to stop procrastinating by just reading a few tips here and there, so we do recommend taking one of the recommended procrastination help courses for those of you who want help with doing what it takes to permanently overcome procrastination.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination is essentially the art of convincing yourself that you don't have to do something now and that it's perfectly ok to do it later. Chronic procrastinators, which make up about 30% of the population, have formed the habit of easily convincing themselves to just do something later.

They get very good at this. It becomes a lifestyle to do things at the last minute.

Let's explore it a little more...

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